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"I love writing so much, I  can write in my sleep - literally. I did once in college.  It was a hefty paragraph by the time I woke up, and didn’t stay on the provided lines, but the paragraph actually made sense!"

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We are the generation that almost didn’t happen. A GAP in the history of humanity.


Born to parents so consumed by their online lives they stopped living real ones—stopped having kids, stopped taking time to sleep, or to walk, or eat—the continuation of mankind hinges on our generation, but most of us died in infancy.


My name is Averielle Gouch and my friends and I are among the handful of Generation GAPs who survived. Our lives have been pre-charted by the Organizers, calibrated with algorithms for optimum results. They’ve defined for us, who we should be and whom we should be with, but that’s all about to change. I am determined to choose where I live and who I love, to carve out my own destiny. And I am bent on taking back the life they stole from me.


But my only chance of success lies buried in memories forcibly suppressed. And the key to unlocking them is Lander, a GAP that I’m pretty sure framed me and my friends for sabotage. If I risk trusting him, I could lose my one shot at freedom—forever. But if I don’t, I’ll lose everyone I love, permanently.

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