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As a young kid I loved to read the old school Nancy drew novels and at age 11, I started writing my very own mystery novel. I only made it to chapter four before burning out entirely, but I was very proud of those rough, ridiculously wordy little chapters. At age 12 I started writing poetry (because it was faster than writing books) and stuck with that through college. I also loved to write my opinion to newspapers and had several pieces published. From age 13-22 I wrote in a journal for one to two hours EVERY DAY. But I never considered myself a writer.

I grew up home-schooled, living on 3 acres of dirt and weeds in rural southern Arizona. My after school days were filled with mud pies, bottle feeding calves, riding bikes and toad hunting. It was a blast! Homeschooling was a self-driven education that helped me learn to manage my time and push hard to get things done.

Becoming a full-fledged author was a path I hadn't realized I was on. I'm a major night owl, I always have been.  As a child, bedtime was code for hours of staring at the ceiling in a futile attempt to sleep.  To keep myself entertained I began making up stories in my head at around age 3 (yes I still remember them, but no I will never be sharing them!). By the time I was 15 the plots were far more elaborate, engaging, and they were my secret places of escape. Finally at age 24, I related one of my thoroughly imagined worlds to some family members who told me it sounded like a book - one they’d actually read. By that time I was desperate for a creative outlet and once again I gave writing a try. After that first, glorious page I knew I was one hundred percent hooked!


writing birthday.jpg

Within ten years of that day, I'd written and edited 5 completed novels and had a good start on 9 others. Writing has truly become my creative love!

When I need to switch things up, you might find me with my power tools refinishing furniture, burning the midnight oil to sew crafts for my kids or out in the yard throwing knives and trying not to get stabbed when they ricochet. ;)

I also love to hike, fish, camp and backpack with my awesome kids. Being on an adventure with the people I love is my all time favorite place to be! 

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